The Playbook – July 9, 2017

Every sports team and organization has a playbook, something that contains a strategy for victory. What is your playbook for life? For Christians, we have the ultimate playbook in the Word of God, but we have to study it like any sports team or organization to win.

Feasting on the Word – July 2, 2017

The Bible can keep us away from sin, but if we’re wrapped up in sin it tends to keep us from away from the book. Only time in the Bible will help us spiritually mature into who God truly wants us to be. That will only come from feasting on the word.

The Bible – June 25, 2017

The Bible above all is Gods word that was given to us through man so we can understand what Gods word actually means. Pastor McGee explains how the Bible can help guide and direct your life.

The Story of Samson – June 18, 2017

Samson was a man of faith. When you think about him, you may think of his hair or his strength. The story of Samson is one not of strength but of sanctification. One not of might but of righteousness. Not of ability but of obedience. This sermon was delivered by guest preacher Gillis West.