Our Story

Cornerstone was founded on the belief that our ministry would build on the word by preaching and teaching. As a result, lives would be transformed to God’s glory. We wanted a unique place for God’s unique people.

In the early years we moved three times from store front locations. The first location, you had to climb 29 stairs and there was a disco ball on the ceiling. Our next move was just up the street from our first location. No stairs, but a little bigger and more people came to hear the gospel. The Lord blessed us to move a third time, again right up the street from the previous two buildings. This location was 5,000 square feet. The Lord blessed us with the ability to work out the cost of rent, maintenance fees and other miscellaneous bills to make it affordable for us.

At the end of our lease we had an option for two additional years, but we were praying for a permanent place of our own. We had an opportunity to buy eleven acres of land, but that opportunity unexpectedly failed.  There were three church buildings in the area we were looking to purchase, but as the Lord would have it, one was for us. The Lord allowed us to purchase the building we are currently worshiping in today. It sits on 3.71 acres and has the additional space we prayed for to do extra ministry. Our theme we say around Cornerstone comes from our sermon series in the book of Nehemiah, “God’s gracious hand has been upon us.” We praise God for his marvelous blessing and look forward to the opportunity of being the church He has called us to be.