Out of Our Love

The love we exhibit as Christians should make us distinctly different from the world. In the short clip, Pastor McGee explains how this type of love is compelling.

Sin No More

There is nothing that exempts Christians from experiencing the bad things in life. It’s also important to remember those bad things in life are not caused because of something you do wrong. God has a divine plan and purpose for everything and everyone.

The Importance of Coming to Christ

What happens when God’s patience runs out on man? The church will be called and He will establish His perfect kingdom forever and ever. In this week’s Moment with Pastor McGee, we learn that because of this, it is important to come to a true saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Bless The Lord

In this short excerpt from Pastor McGee’s sermon Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul, Pastor McGee tells us that everything we do should bless the Lord. Our whole being ought to be about blessing the Lord.