What’s Going On? – February 25, 2018

Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead. Large crowds of people are leaving the religious leaders and coming to see what everyone has been talking about regarding Jesus. If people see your life reflecting the gospel of Jesus Christ, they too will wonder, what’s going on?

If You Believed – February 18, 2018

Even though Jesus told the disciples and the crowd that He would raise Lazarus from the dead, they still did not fully understand. The same can be said for some believers today. Sometimes we hear the word, but often times misunderstand it, either because of our human flesh or becauseĀ of our unbelief.

Good News From Jesus – February 11, 2018

Martha’s brother Lazarus has died. When Jesus shows up four days after his death, Martha blames Jesus for his death, but Jesus has good news. When he raises Lazarus from the dead, it shows us that nothing is too hard for God, even when we think all hope is lost.