The Book of John – Featured Series Part I

Sermon 1: Introduction
By believing in Jesus, you will have life in His name. That is the theme of our new series – John. In this introduction to the series, Pastor Byron McGee explains how we can have life in the name of Jesus by examining the book of John.

Sermon 2: The Word was God
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. In our next installment of The Book of John Series, Pastor Byron explains since God has always been, that should shift our perspective on who He is.

Sermon 3: In Christ is Life
In Christ we have life. Not just physical life, but spiritual life that is the light of men. In week 3 of our Book of John Series, Pastor Byron teaches us that if Jesus is our life, the light that is Christ will shine in the midst of darkness.

Sermon 4: God is the True Light
Light, life and darkness are key themes throughout the book of John. The true light, we learn in John 1 9:13, is God and because there is a true light there is also a false light. That false light is darkness in the world.  How to we prevail over darkness? With the one true light.

Sermon 5: The Glory of Christ
The glory of Christ can be seen all around us. From the stars in the sky to the fact that Christ dwells within us. This week in our Book of John Series, Pastor Byron teaches us that we can know the glory of Christ through a real personal relationship with our heavenly father.

Sermon 6: The Testimony of John the Baptist
This week in our Book of John Series, we look at the testimony of John the Baptist. Through his testimony, we see that God’s people are to be the voice of God crying out the gospel message to a dying world.

Sermon 7: Behold the Lamb of God
Why did Jesus come into the world? The book of John tells us that the Lamb of God came as a sacrifice for the sin of the world.

Sermon 8: Seeking Souls Seeking Savior

As Christians, we should be seeking souls because we have a Savior who is seeking us. So how do we go about seeking souls for Christ? Let’s look at how the disciples followed Jesus to help us better understand.

Sermon 9: The First Miracle of Jesus

In John chapter 2, Jesus performs His first miracle by turning water into wine at a wedding. It is through this miracle, God manifest His glory and his disciples believed in Him.

Sermon 10: A Cleansing at the Temple

Jesus, at the Passover of the Jews finds the temple being used for commercial use instead of for worship and sacrifice. These actions cause Him to drive everyone out of the temple. How many times in our lives do we misuse or misrepresent the things of God? In this week’s Book of John message, Pastor McGee shares with us the importance of representing the temple of God.

Sermon 11: You Must Be Born Again

In John chapter 3, Jesus has an encounter with a man named Nicodemus. This encounter leads to an important question that many still have today. How can we be born again? Jesus, has the answer.

Sermon 12: If You Knew

In John chapter 4 we find Jesus talking to the women at the well on his way to Samaria. In this conversation, Jesus makes the statement to the women, “If you knew the gift of God”. It is vital that we understand and know that we have the gift of God. What is the gift of God? Living water.

Sermon 13: Conversation at the Well

Have you ever been thirsty? Drinking water is a good way to quench your thirst, but the woman at the well in John chapter 4 finds herself in a conversation with Jesus about living water. What is living water? Where can you find it? You can find it in Jesus Christ.

Sermon 14: A Marvelous Moment

In the Conversation at the Well Part 2, we find in John chapter 4 that God had a divine appointment with a woman at a well. It is at this marvelous moment that God confronts the woman, forcing her to face herself. It is through this, that we learn how the word of God confronts us and deals with our heart.

Sermon 15: More Than Signs and Wonders

Many times we look for signs and wonders from God, but that’s not always how God operates. Sometimes His message is simple and direct. Sometimes all God has to tell us is…go!

Sermon 16: The Identity of One

Jesus has a way of meeting us right where we are. In John chapter 5 we find a man who has been waiting to be healed for 38 years and when Jesus meets him He tells him to “Get up”. Out of all the people Jesus could have healed, it was the identity of this one man that was special.

Sermon 17: Be Careful of Your Religiosity

Religiosity – a comprehensive sociological term used to refer to the numerous aspects of religious activity. Why is it important to focus on our salvation as opposed to religious activity? We see a clear example of why in John chapter 5.

Sermon 18: Breaking Sabbath

Everyone needs some rest and relaxation.; but how much rest is too much rest? In John 5:16-18, we find Jesus breaking the Sabbath (Jewish day of rest)by healing a lame man. Should we always be about our Father’s business? Should we set a day aside for the purpose of glorifying God?

Sermon 19: You Can’t Handle The Truth

Can you handle the truth? In John chapter 5, the Jews were unable to comprehend the fact that Jesus and His Father, God, are one. It is because of this, and Jesus healing on the Sabbath, that we find the Jews seeking to kill Jesus.

Sermon 20: I Am God

Jesus is the Son of Man. In the book of John in chapter 5, Jesus makes the proclamation that He is God and has come to not do His will, but the will of His father. What does this proclamation mean for believers today?

Sermon 21: Life Comes From God

We live our lives on the go, but it’s important to slow down and realize that life comes from God. In the midst of pain and trouble, only God the Father can raise us up and give us life.

Sermon 22: God’s Judgement and Honor

Eternal life is more than life forever. It’s life of a different kind. It’s because of eternal life that God the Father and Jesus Christ are equal in judgement and honor. When you honor the Father you also honor the Son.

Sermon 23: Hearing Is Not Enough

Coming to church every Sunday and hearing the Word of God is simply not enough. The bible calls us to not only be hearers of the word but also doers of the word. In addition to hearing and doing, we must also believe in the word.

Sermon 24: Life In Him

Life is two fold. It’s not just the life we live right now but it’s also the life we live supernaturally and spiritually in Jesus Christ. How you think of God determines everything that flows out of your life.

Sermon 25: Witnesses To Jesus

Jesus is on trail. The Religious leaders of the day did not believe that he was God. In fact, it was considered blasphemy that Jesus would say that. Jesus calls several witnesses to testify on his behalf to prove that he is equal with God.

Sermon 26: Have Life

On the backdrop of Jesus calling on witnesses to prove that he is the Son of God, people still did not believe him. As Jesus begins to provide more evidence, he urges his listeners that to have life is to know him, the Son of God.

Sermon 27: Believe Me

It’s easy for us to miss who God truly is. Jesus, talking the the religious people of the time is pleading His case that He is equal to God. He brings up witnesses such as John the Baptist and God the Father. His final witness is Moses, who the religious people have set their hope on.

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