Family Matters – Featured Series

Week 1 – God’s Divine Design

God had intention behind everything he created, and He created humans to be image bearers of Him. The book of Genesis starts the process of God’s perfect design to be lived out by imperfect people.

Week 2 – Family Deception

Culture tries to dictate the structure of the family, but the structure of the family was designed by God. In Genesis chapter 3, the structure of the family began to crumble in the Garden of Eden because of deception.

Week 3 – Biblical Submission

The function of Christian families have been polluted by the world. In the world today, biblical submission from wives can be misconceived. For wives, submission is all about picturing who God is and what the gospel is all about.

Week 4 – The Greatest Model of a Father

How we view our earthly father carries over to our spiritual life. We compare our experience with our father in life to who God is. Through John 3:16, we know the greatest model of a father is God.

Week 5 – Making Children Disciples

Making disciples begins in the home with our children. In order to do that, our homes must be rooted and grounded in the Word of God. Marriage is to reflect the church and who God is. Having children is about making disciples.


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