From Betrayal to Glory – April 22, 2018

Chances are someone has disappointed or maybe even betrayed you, but Judas committed the ultimate betrayal. Pastor Byron McGee shows us how Jesus reacted when he was betrayed and assures us that even when we feel betrayed, the Lord is always on our side.

Belief vs Non-Belief – April 8, 2018

A belief in Jesus means you are rescued from darkness and receive eternal life. Part of believing is knowing that whatever we go through in life, He will be with us. However not believing in Jesus also has consequences.

What’s Going On? – February 25, 2018

Jesus has raised Lazarus from the dead. Large crowds of people are leaving the religious leaders and coming to see what everyone has been talking about regarding Jesus. If people see your life reflecting the gospel of Jesus Christ, they too will wonder, what’s going on?