Breaking Sabbath – November 8, 2015

Everyone needs some rest and relaxation.; but how much rest is too much rest? In John 5:16-18, we find Jesus breaking the Sabbath (Jewish day of rest)by healing a lame man. Should we always be about our Father’s business? Should we set a day aside for the purpose of glorifying God?

Sin No More

There is nothing that exempts Christians from experiencing the bad things in life. It’s also important to remember those bad things in life are not caused because of something you do wrong. God has a divine plan and purpose for everything and everyone.

The Identity of One – October 25, 2015

Jesus has a way of meeting us right where we are. In John chapter 5 we find a man who has been waiting to be healed for 38 years and when Jesus meets him He tells him to “Get up”. Out of all the people Jesus could have healed, it was the identity of this one man that was special.